5 months ago

A Living Death


Death in the front

Death at the back

In between survives life

Emptying seconds minutes hours

Into the dustbin of Time.

Bones crackle blood boils

Tendons ache liga

10 months ago

A Lab Technician's Woes

It was early night.I was scanning a blood smear to report on the picture.The intercom rang shattering the stillnes in the Lab.A shrill voice voice came on the line as to report at the speciality centre some 300 metres down a side road.One of the s read more...

2 years ago

Shri G Ramalingam - A Tribute

Shri G Ramalingam - A Tribute

I had known him for the past 33 years .During all these years I used to meet him almost daily.But we seldom spoke to each other.He was an X-ray Technician. And me a Lab one.Our tight work schedule hardly allowed us to engage in social nicety.Yet a read more...

3 years ago

A Lab Technician's Woes

Summonned into the Boss's room I stood firm and answered: "I am only trying to do my best". 

Visibly enraged he retorted:"Your best is not at all good".

Trained to be irreverent I naturally rose to

3 years ago

Nagamma(In Memory of a Practioner of a past Profession)

Burdened with a bucketful of nightsoil on one hand

And a tattered broom and a rust-encrusted  rake on the other

She cooed in a delightful dialect :

'emi nayna, baga vunnava ?'

Her b

3 years ago

A Beginning

A BeginningAs I will be writing mostly about my work it is only appropriate that I state my attitude towards work in the first Blog. If you are poor - Work If health is threatened - Work If disappointments come - Work If you are rich - Continue to Work If read more...